Monday, 16 September 2019

Garage Clean Up Tips

Heading into fall is the perfect time to clean and organize the garage.  We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you tackle this huge job.  


  • Start by taking everything out.  Once the area is free of everything you can clean the garage itself. This will give you a clean area to bring your things back into and is a great starting point. 

  • When everything is out of the garage, separate into piles of keep, throw away and sell. In The Life Changing Magic or Tidying Up, the author Marie Kondo gives great advice about getting rid of things.  She said, “If an object isn’t brining you joy, then get rid of it.” 

  • Step three is to start cleaning. Start from the top and work your way down.  Give the walls and windows a good soaking with a sponge. Use towels (cloth or paper) to wipe everything dry. You should have a proper mess on the floor by this point.  Starting from the back, use a broom to sweep every bit of debris toward the front and out the door. 


  • Time to start organizing. The idea is to make things that you use on a regular basis easy to find and more accessible.  Shelving and storage space make organizing much easier, so we recommend having some installed.  Ceiling hooks are great as well for storing bikes, camping gear or other equipment not often used.

  • Long term items should be stored first such as keepsakes, documents, old clothing or anything that you do not need in the foreseeable future.

  • Seasonal items are next. Lawn care equipment, holiday decorations, and Halloween costumes.  Things that come out on a somewhat annual basis that need to be accessible but not for everyday use. 

  • And lastly are items that are used monthly or even daily. These often consist of large trash cans, tools, automobile accessories and supplies.  You will want all of this within easy reach when you need it. 

These steps will simplify the process; however, decluttering and cleaning a garage is a big task that takes a lot of time and hard work.  A professional cleaning service like Classmaids can clean and declutter for you.  Book your cleaning by going to our website at or by calling us at (561) 470-9200.


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