Thursday, 14 June 2018

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

The average American family produces over 17 pounds of trash in a single day.  A large portion of this trash comes from single-use items, such as plastic water bottles and plastic bags.  Plastic waste has become a critical global issue: 8 million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean every year, damaging marine ecosystems and, subsequently, human health.  Landfills are detrimental to the environment because decomposing garbage releases methane, a powerful greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change.  The bottom line is that we need to reduce the amount of waste we produce.  The “three R’s” -- reduce, reuse, recycle -- are the key methods of minimizing waste, creating a healthier planet for us to live on.  Here are the basics and benefits of each of the “three R’s.”

Reduce and Reuse

The most effective way to reduce waste is to not produce it in the first place.  The production of new products requires lots of materials and energy -- raw materials must be extracted from the earth, and the product must be fabricated and then transported to wherever it will be sold.  By reducing and reusing, you are not only preventing waste from entering landfills and the ocean, but you are also saving energy, environmental resources, and your own money! 

Here are some ideas on how to reduce waste:

  • Buy used. You can find everything from clothes to building materials, and used items are less expensive and often just as good as new!
  • Look for products that use less packaging. Buying in bulk, for example, can reduce packaging and save money.
  • Maintain and repair products, like clothing, tires and appliances, so that they won’t have to be thrown out and replaced frequently.

Here are some ideas on how to reuse:

  • Bring your own shopping bags to stores instead of using disposable plastic or paper bags.
  • Buy a reusable water bottle to use instead of disposable plastic bottles.
  • Find creative ways to give “waste” a second life. For example, that empty tub of yogurt would make a great container for art supplies!
  • Donate unwanted items. Not only will you be reducing waste, you’ll also be helping others!



Recycling prevents waste from entering landfills and the ocean by processing used materials to produce new ones.  Although recycling is often promoted as the best solution for waste reduction, unfortunately only a small percentage of waste is currently recycled -- of the 300 million tons of new plastic produced annually, less than 10% is recycled.  This is why reducing and reusing are the most effective methods of waste reduction; however, recycling can also be beneficial if done correctly.   If you happen to have a plastic bottle, and you can’t find any recycling bins around, hold onto it until you can dispose of it properly.  Remember, every little step counts!

If you do not currently have a recycling program for your home, contact your local city or country government to request recycling bins.  Some municipalities even offer free recycling bins in select communities. If your area has a recycling program set in place, it is likely that there are free recycling bins available, one for each household.

If you rent your home or office and don’t have recycling, talk to your property management company.  Often these companies do not want to coordinate building recycling either due to additional costs of service or because they don’t want to deal with an addition vendor.  Classmaids always recommends to their clients to reach out directly to their management companies and request access to recycling, which will allow them to get more value out of their property management services.


Classmaids’ Commitment to the Three R’s

Classmaids is committed to reducing waste in various ways.  We use products made from recycled packaging, buy cleaning products in bulk and reuse containers such as spray bottles.  Our cleaning professionals are trained in cleaning techniques that minimize waste.  Classmaids partners with TerraCycle, a company that specializes in recycling hard-to-recycle materials such as disposable gloves, sponges, and other cleaning supplies.  Classmaids’ clients can benefit by receiving a special discount code for purchasing TerraCycle’s Zero-Waste Boxes and other products. 

Classmaids is dedicated to cleaning not just your home, but also the environment.  Book your cleaning by going to our website at or by calling us at (561) 470-9200.


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