Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Sustainable Cleaning Ideas

With environmental safety and protection a growing issue (& rightfully so!), it is more important than ever to use eco-friendly products and practices wherever possible. Home cleaning is one of the best places to utilize green products, which helps to ensure not only a clean living area, but a healthy home as well. Adopting clean, sustainable living habits offers a multitude of benefits to both you and your family, and you’ll see that incorporating these habits into your daily lifestyle is not hard. Here are a few tips to help you practice sustainable cleaning.

  1. Minimize Water Use.

Depending on the size of the cleaning task, measure and use only the amount of water you will need. For example, wiping down appliances with a reusable cloth might require a gallon or two of water, while scrubbing the garage floor would need more. Err on the lower side and refill your bucket as needed, minimizing wasted water. Consider reusing or refreshing a pail of water that is used first for a light cleaning job, such as wiping countertops, for a second task like cleaning fan stands or book cases, etc. Minimizing your water usage can become a comfortable habit as you get used to it.

  1. Recycle!

While many businesses now include recycling in their commercial cleaning program, home cleaning approaches in many communities are still catching up. If your county offers containers for recycling, jump on board to begin recycling your bottles, boxes and paper products. If not, organize your recyclable products and drop them off at designated bins. When buying cleaning products, look for packaging that is recyclable, which will help to further your sustainable cleaning efforts. More green products are appearing on store shelves every year. And when considering a specific cleaning service, check out their stance on using sustainability practices. With Classmaids, rest assured that we use all natural non-toxic & biodegradable cleaning products powered by companies such as Seventh Generation.

  1. Avoid Wasting Products.

Similar to minimizing your water use – measure cleaning products with sustainability in mind. Don't use more than is needed, which is usually less than you think. Try to use before the best-by date, if applicable. This helps reduce unnecessary waste.

  1. Use Green Cleaners.

Whether using cleaners in a home or in a commercial location, green cleaners help to keep a home or office smelling fresh and free of toxic residue. Surprisingly, green cleaning products are often cheaper than the typical cleaners full of chemicals, and they sometimes require fewer precautions and less cleanup than the other kind. You don't have to worry about residual effects of fumes, powders, or sprays on children or pets. In addition to protecting family and coworkers, you are also helping to take care of the environment. We prefer brands such as Seventh Generation, Method and Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day.

For more information about sustainability related to home or business cleaning and to schedule a cleaning, contact Classmaids: We care about keeping you, your family, and the world around us clean and safe.


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