The dreaded cold and flu season is upon us, and keeping you and your loved ones healthy is of utmost importance. While hiring a cleaning service to disinfect your home is a great solution, there are plenty of ways you can eliminate germs on your own between cleanings. Follow these quick and efficient cleaning tips to help keep those nasty germs out of your home

Clean Surfaces Often

Surfaces such as door handles, faucets, appliances, remote controls, computers, and toilets are all breeding grounds for bacteria because they are touched multiple times per day. During cold and flu season, pay special attention to these areas and wipe them down frequently with your favorite disinfectant. This is the first tip for keeping your home as clean as possible and preventing the germs from spreading from person to person.

Use Safe Cleaning Supplies

There are many types of cleaning products on the market, but some contain harsh chemicals that can be damaging to your health. Look for biodegradable products that disinfect without causing dangerous side effects. Biodegradable products are made out of materials that break down quickly and safely without causing harm to humans or the environment, which is why we favor non-toxic brands such as Mrs. Meyers, The 7th Generation and Method. Their bottles are also made from recycled materials and are fully recyclable. Win, win!

Disinfect More Than Just Surfaces

While it's important to wipe down surfaces during cold and flu season, it's equally important to disinfect shared items in the household. Things like blankets, hand towels, and dishes are all items that need to be cleaned thoroughly when a member of the household is sick. Be sure to wash all bedding at least once a week. Change out hand towels daily, or switch to paper towels when someone is sick. Wash dishes in hot, soapy water, or use the sanitize option on the dishwasher.

And remember, Classmaids is always here to help get your home or office clean and germ-free for the cold season! Our trained and experienced cleaning master will arrive at your home with equipment and non-toxic supplies to clean thoroughly and efficiently, leaving your home spotless! For more information and to schedule your Classmaids cleaning, click here:

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Home Cleaning Checklist

Whether it’s you or a cleaning service doing the cleaning, ensuring your home is thoroughly cleaned should be a top priority. At Classmaids, we use a detailed cleaning checklist as one of the many ways we ensure a meticulous home cleaning, from top to bottom! Check out our task list for detailed information on our step-by-step home cleaning:





  • Microwave cleaned (inside and out)
  • Appliance exteriors cleaned
  • Countertops and backsplash cleaned
  • Items on countertops cleaned
  • Sink scrubbed, handles and parts polished
  • Cabinet exteriors cleaned
  • Kitchen table and chairs cleaned
  • Trash emptied and bag replaced
  • Carpet vacuumed
  • Bare floors vacuumed, and mopped


  • Beds made (linens changed if requested)
  • Light fixtures, ceiling fans, and blinds dusted
  • Windows and mirrors cleaned
  • Computer monitors and televisions dusted
  • General straightening (toys put away)
  • Trash emptied and bag replaced
  • Furniture dusted and wiped down
  • Carpet vacuumed
  • Bare floors vacuumed and mopped


  • Shower and bath scrubbed, wiped, and sanitized
  • Handles and faucets polished
  • Interior of toilet soaked and scrubbed
  • Toilet completely wiped down and disinfected
  • Countertop and countertop items cleaned
  • Sink, handles, and parts wiped down and sanitized
  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Cabinets and furniture wiped down
  • Trash emptied and bag replaced
  • Carpet vacuumed
  • Bare floors vacuumed and mopped

Living Areas

  • Light fixtures, ceiling fans, and blinds dusted
  • Furniture dusted and wiped down
  • Computer monitors and televisions dusted
  • Upholstered furniture vacuumed
  • Trash emptied and bag replaced
  • Carpet vacuumed
  • Bare floors vacuumed, and mopped

We understand that each home is unique, so we use the above checklist as a basis, but our clients often customize the checklist to meet their home's specific needs and preferences. Before the cleaning team arrives, we ask that you pick up any personal items and remove any clutter so that more of the team’s energy can be spent on cleaning. It is extremely helpful! Then our trained and experienced team member will arrive at your home with equipment and supplies to clean thoroughly and efficiently, leaving your home spotless! For more information and to book your Classmaids cleaning, click here:

Your Trusted South Florida Cleaning Service

Sometimes you want or need to take care of some light cleaning yourself in between your scheduled Classmaids service at home or at the office. Classmaids is here to help you with a few basic tips for cleaning:

Start Slowly by Removing Clutter

Cleaning a large space, like your home or office, can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't need to be. With these few basic cleaning tips, you can tackle most of the mess with a little time. Start slowly, going room-by-room and determining where the bulk of the mess is. Look at the areas you work most. There are probably distracting items that don't help you focus. Take a few minutes to clear out these spaces. You can either move the items to another location or donate them to charity. Recycle or throw out everything else. Keep in mind that tidying up can go a long way, so start by moving papers and other clutter into stacks or drawers where they belong. This simple act will have a big return – de-cluttering can also clear mental space.

Take Five Minutes Per Day to Tidy Up

This tip goes along with the last one. It's all about maintaining your space before it needs a bigger cleaning by Classmaids cleaning service. If you put away misplaced items and clean up spills and trash for five minutes a day, you'll hardly ever have to take a lot of time to clean.

Use the Power of Soap and Water

You don't need to buy expensive and harsh chemicals to clean most areas. Basic soap and water will get rid of dirt and grime in no time at all. This is especially true if you use them on a regular basis. Keep a bottle and some rags in a convenient location.  Classmaids recommends using only non-toxic biodegradable soaps, which are safe for you and the environment.

Develop a Routine

One of the most frustrating parts of cleaning is that things always get dirty again. Dust will accumulate even in areas of minimal use. Developing a routine will help you stay ahead of the dust and ahead of your list of things and places to clean. Do a little each day – laundry one day, bathrooms one day, the kitchen another day – you get the picture.

Let Classmaids Handle Your Cleaning

Need more than basic quick cleaning tips? Let our experienced residential and commercial cleaning crew help. Whether you need housekeeping or a South Florida cleaning service, our friendly and hard-working cleaning team is extensively trained to provide quality cleaning and exceptional customer service. We are licensed, bonded and insured, and we will exceed your standards with our detailed cleaning checklist, our non-toxic biodegradable cleaning products, and much more.


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